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Member Requirements

To assure we're putting resources in the right places, we have specific requirements for membership.

#001 – Content can only be published on the domain that was applied with.

Why? – Because we keep track of the content that gets published. We've had trouble with applicants getting approved for a domain other than their own, which isn't fair to us or other members.

#002 – Source and reference credits must be kept.

Why? – Because some images, references, and quotes legally need to be there for the purpose of crediting those who helped build this article. It also lends to the credibility of your blog from a user's standpoint.

#003 – Content must be published within 12 days.

Why? – Because we don't want to create content that doesn't get published. Unpublished content doesn't help our readers and it takes away from members that are receiving benefit from our free service.

#004 – Content we provided should not be dramatically altered.

Why? – We allow simple revisions, but if we're dramatically altering the content, then that means the writing instructions should have been clearer in the first place. We have this rule as a way to prevent wasting our time by providing clear instructions from the start.

#005 – Content must remain published.

Why? – Because we've had members want to use our service for non-approved reasons. So, they will publish the article to make us happy, then remove it later to use for their originally intended purposes. Not cool.

#006 – Member must be mindful of response times.

Why? – Because waiting 3 days between responses is annoying, that's why. Our writers only want the best for your blog and to help you, please respect that.

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