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Acceptance Criteria

What are we looking for in our applicants?

Your Company's Estimated Age, Size, Location, etc.

Why? – Because it's an indicator of how likely it is that you could possibly become a paying customer in the future. We are a business after all.

Your Company's Industry

Why? – Not all industries we want to be involved in and some industries we get too many applicants in, so that can be a primary reason why an application is rejected.

Your Company's Writing Guidelines

Why? – We're a free service, so we need to keep expectations fairly loose. We do not accept direct orders for content and if your writing guidelines are too specific, we may ask you to revise them. 

Your Company's Legitimacy

Why? – Because it is an indicator of the probability of whether you'll become a paying customer of ours or not. We don't require applicants to be paying customers, but we also don't want to write free content for those who would never consider it, either.

Your Company's Perceived Need

Why? – We need to give priority to the members who are benefiting from us the most. If your application isn't taken seriously by you, why would it be by us?

What does this information tell us?

It ultimately tells us how serious you are as a business and whether or not it's possible for you to become a paying customer of ours. It's not required for members to become paying customers, but it doesn't make sense for us to give free blog content to those who we can tell would never consider paying for marketing. Simple as that.