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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's only apply to our free blog content offering.

What happens when we no longer want content?

Since we email you when we have content ready, a simple, “I no longer wish to request content” response would be appreciated. Please don’t just delete our emails or ignore them. Eventually, we’ll get the hint, but please be courteous and tell us. We promise you won’t hurt our feelings.

How much content will you write for my blog?

Since we are a free service, expectations around the quantity of articles should remain minimal. The content we create will revolve around the topic of your website, the difficulty in getting content published and certain other metrics that we look at. While we expect some revisions to the content we write for you, there are extreme circumstances that may occur that make it undesirable to write for your blog. In those cases, we will reset expectations. You know the saying, “You enjoy working with people that you like”? It’s kind of like that. Generally, most members get between 1-8 articles per month.

What will you not write about?

We will not write on any topic encouraging illegal activity or anything that spins it in a positive light. For example, we may write about marijuana legalization topics, but not about how to hide it while your car is being searched. Other taboo topics we may not agree to either, regardless of their legality. This includes adult-themed websites, certain prescriptions, and industries that are particularly seedy. Certain topics that are opinion based, like politics, will be reviewed closely to prevent any extreme views.

How do we receive the content?

When we create content based upon the direction you gave during the registration process, you will create a user in your blogging system for us to log in and upload the content, and save it as a draft. After we’ve uploaded it to your site, we will notify you via email and send follow-ups to remind you to review and publish. We never publish.

What agreements are involved?

For our standard free service, there are no agreements or obligations, but we do have a terms of service and member requirements that we go over during the application process. We want to be effective and valuable, so outlining mutual expectations makes everything go smooth. With all of that being said, we’d never expect a member to publish something that missed the mark.

Who uses Build My Content?

Right now, about 600 members ranging from businesses and news-related websites use Build My Content to supply them with valuable blog content.

Can we share the content on our social media channels?

We highly encourage sharing the published blog posts we’ve written for you on your social channels. Build your following and build your traffic!

Will this content help our SEO?

SEO benefits are probably the biggest reasons why you should sign up, aside from the time and money savings. We list about 12 benefits that relate to SEO on our homepage that our free content writing will influence.

Can we use the content somewhere other than our blog?

What we write needs to be used for your blog, not another webpage, email newsletter, newspaper column or somebody else’s blog. This is a hard rule we enforce to ensure we're legitimately writing for the company we approved during the application stage.

Does the content get published anywhere else?

Nope! We’re literally writing unique content specifically for you and your blog. One requirement is that you use it only for your blog. We don’t allow duplicating the post and publishing it elsewhere. You wouldn’t want to do that anyway since it’s a no-no in Google’s eyes, but it’s important to us that it remains only on your blog. Sharing your blog post URL on social channels for others to read is allowed, of course.

How many revisions can we request?

We have no limits on revisions, but we do ask that when you provide them, that you’re thorough. Nobody likes constant back and forth when it could have been revised correctly the first time.

Are we required to publish the content?

You’re not required to publish, but if you sign up and we develop content specifically for you and you don’t publish any of it or provide feedback, we’re just going to assume you’re a member that’s gone silent. We put our resources towards members that are going to benefit from our services.

We we allowed to edit the content?

Of course, you are. Since it is your blog, you have editorial control. However, we allow revisions so why not take advantage of that? Unless completely irrelevant, certain elements of the content need to be maintained though. These include:
  • The general theme/topic of the content.
  • The images that are provided.
  • The sources/citations that helped build the content.

How do you determine what is relevant for my blog?

How we determine relevancy for the content we create is largely based on your direction during the sign-up process. We ask several questions so we know what you’ll like to publish and what your readers will find valuable. We don’t want to shoot in the dark and hope you’ll like it. That’s a waste of time. Here are a couple examples of members and what we may create for them: Member: a restaurant in Phoenix, AZ Example Blog Content Title: “Five healthy oriental recipes your family will love” Member: an online university Example Blog Content Title: “Ready for the College move? Here are seven things you can’t forget” Member: a finance-industry publication Example Blog Content Title: “What millennials need to understand about their finances before it’s too late”

Will I ever have to pay for this content?

This product is intended to remain free. We may offer some other paid services in the future but you’ll never see a bill come from us for the blog content we write for you.

Who owns the rights to the content?

Since it’s going on your blog, you own the rights to the content we create and the images we provide.

What name does the content get published under?

Yours of course! We’re simply ghostwriters, meaning, we create the content and don’t expect to receive recognition for it.

What industries and categories do you write for?

Too many to count. See this list.

Why is the blog content free? What’s the catch?

Great question! It's our company's growth strategy. We offer free blog content as a freemium-style service, similar to how software companies have free and paid options. Learn more here.

How much does the blog content cost?

Our blog content is free. Yes, really.

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